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What Is Technical Workforce?

TWI acts as a sub-contractor, supplying a skilled workforce to the industrial, infrastructure, and civil construction sectors in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC. We supply construction craft workers, including apprentices, journey-persons, foremen, and superintendents in all compulsory and non-compulsory trades.

Our construction crews and site supervisors work with several top tier construction companies in Western Canada. We have a strong passion for quality throughout our workforce. Our workers are highly trained, and we maintain a high level of competency by fostering continued education.

TWI is committed to providing outstanding services to our clients. To us, safety is everyone’s business. Safety is one of our core values and is a critical part of what we do, which is why our HSEMS program is a fundamental component of our company’s operations. The main goal of our workforce and management team is to successfully deliver results through operational discipline. We achieve this success by maintaining the safety of everyone on site and by not damaging equipment or bringing harm to the public or the environment.

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